WMC 2016 Review
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Miami style


Hi frands (friends + fans)! It’s been a couple weeks but I’m finally getting around to posting my Winter Music Conference 2016 review and photo journal. After several years of not attending, I decided to go this year in the wake of my recent EP release on Hot Cakes which has been on the Beatport Top 10 for two months. After going to WMC for many years, I had grown accustomed to all the events being in one week but ever since Ultra split off into Miami Music Week, all the events are spread out into two weeks; since I came the second week for WMC, I ended up missing a lot of the events and seeing music friends that were there for MMW and left before I arrived. That part was definitely a bummer but it was great to spend my short time in Miami with my international Breakbeat family that I haven’t seen in awhile. Big shout out to my homies old and new: Lady Waks, Deekline, Stanton Warriors, Martin Flex, Mutantbreakz, Wes Smith, Geo Lopez, Shooey, Omega Squad, Xero Tribe crew, Wavewhore and so many more fun people to list (you know who you are)!

When I first arrived on Monday after a long day of traveling, my first thought was “Yay! Time to get some sun on the beach!” Needless to say, I was super disappointed when I realized it was cold and overcast in Miami, more than any other time I’ve been there; it was like San Francisco weather! But that made it so much more special when the sun finally came out on Wednesday, which turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day for Project Mayhem’s Industry Social 12-year anniversary pool party in collaboration with Wes Smith, Xero Tribe and Space Cowboys. What a fun day that was! All the DJs threw down some phat Breaks all day and night on the rooftop deck of The Congress. I played after dark and had a great time rocking a Breaks and Bass set even though it got extremely windy up there at night. The strong gusts of wind were even blowing up my dress while I was playing! Good thing I had a bathing suit underneath. Thanks to everyone who stayed and partied with me until late.

Smoothies on South Beach
Late-night gelato massive

We managed to sneak in some beach and pool time throughout the week and of course got our fix of good Cuban food and healthy smoothies and how could I forget the infamous late-night South Beach gelato massive? Best gelato ever with great company!

You may have seen and heard that I released my first full-length mix since 2013 as a WMC promo. I’m thrilled with all the support I’ve gotten from it, so far over 3500 plays in just a couple weeks! If you haven’t heard it yet and want your 808 fix, check it out now!

All in all, I had a great time during my short time in Miami but if I go again next year, I’ll make sure to go during Miami Music Week or maybe even SXSW!

Check out my photo journal from my WMC adventures here.

Until next time, bass friends!

Yours Truly,

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