ICONtact: The 10th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

Yay! Happy berfday to meeeeee! It’s that time of year again! It’s been one whole year since my dirty thirty,

October 20, 2011
ICONtact: Decompression Madness

Yay! Happy October, or ICONtober as I like to call it – hehe! October is my favorite month – not

October 5, 2011
ICONtact: Burning Man 2011 Review

Hey party people! Has it really been a month since Burning Man??? Woah, that flew by fast! This decompression back

September 22, 2011
ICONtact: Burning Man 2011 Edition

Hello my burner brothers and sisters! I’m sooooo excited to go back HOME to Black Rock City, aka the happiest

August 25, 2011
ICONtact: Jen Lasher + ICON

Herro lovelies! Just a quick catch up after being absent for a couple weeks. I’ve been enjoying some time away

July 27, 2011
ICONtact: New Release on Illeven Eleven

Hi there sunshine! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and didn’t blow off any fingers. I had

July 7, 2011
ICONtact: Illeven Eleven 052 Out Now

Wow, what a crazy action-packed weekend! I had a blast playing all three shows; my ears are still ringing! The

June 27, 2011
ICONtact: New ILL Release & 3 shows this weekend

Happy Summer of ILL! My amazing vacation in Hawaii and mental show in St. Louis last weekend has left me

June 23, 2011
New Remix Out Today

Aloha from Hawaii! Just wanted to give you a shout from paradise to let you know that the Dubstep remix

June 10, 2011
ICONtact: New Release Sneak Peeks, SF & Memphis

Hey y’all! Two weeks in a row… not bad! I’m trying to get back in the habit of staying in

June 2, 2011
ICONtact: I’m back! Updates from infinity and beyond!

Hello my pretties! How I’ve missed you. It’s been a really long time since I’ve written, this year is flying

May 26, 2011
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