DATE: August 30, 2016
TIME: 11:00 pm
LOCATION: Black Rock City, NV
VENUE: Burning Man
DJ ICON at Burning Man August 30, 2016

In just a few days, I’ll be embarking on a journey to return HOME to Black Rock City to build, play, share my musical offerings and reconnect with my inner child. I hope to see you in the dust, whether it’s on the dancefloor or exploring the awesomeness that is Burning Man. I’m camping with Opulent Temple at 10:00 & D, come say hi. Let’s do this! ? )'( ?

11-12 Camp Questionmark
2-3 Dusty Rhino – Broken Pieces Art Tour with Deekline, Wes Smith, Left/Right, Tim The Enchanter, Nugz and very special guest.

9:15-10 Root Society – playing before Crywolf (Live)
3-4 Digital Apex – playing after Donald Glade and before Deekline

2:30-3:30 Opulent Temple – playing after Stanton Warriors

12-1 Dancetronauts – Breaks night with Deekline and Stanton Warriors

12-3 Janky Barge – 4-way tag with Deekline, Wes Smith and Left/Right

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