DATE: May 14, 2016
TIME: 9:00 pm
LOCATION: 8410 Amelia St, Oakland, CA 94621
Steampunk Masquerade May 14, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, folks of all ages and persuasions…. Airpusher Collective and NIMBY are splendidly excited to bring back the Steampunk Masquerade for its fourth installment! Tighten up your corsets, dust off your top hats, secure your goggles, and fire up the steam engines… it’s going to be a WILD RIDE!


___)'(__)'(__)'(____ FIRMAMENT ____)'(__)'(__)'(___

For your viewing and sensory pleasure, we are incredibly honored to announce that our featured art piece this year will be Christopher Schardt’s (LED Labs) stunning FIRMAMENT! Created for Burning Man 2015, this piece was one of the absolute highlights of the Playa. The Steampunk Masquerade will be the first time Firmament has ever been FULLY SET UP outside of Black Rock City!

Firmament is a 10 foot high, 52 foot diameter dome of 21,600 individually addressable LEDs that blend incredible animated images of fractals patterns, shooting stars, dancing ballerinas, Hubble photos, fire, the Aurora Borealis, and other visions; all while classical music dreamily creates a soothing environment for viewers below. It will be incorporated into our silent disco zone with one of the three channels fully dedicated to synched classical music so that everyone can get their total bliss on.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! What better way to get entranced in your fractal fantasies than to do so while being nestled in a gigantic teddy bear cuddle puddle??? Disco Chateau will be bringing out The Bears as a part of a an interactive art mashup! Firmament up top, Bears below.

___)'(__)'(__)'(_____LIVE MUSIC_____)'(__)'(__)'(___

♫ – Extra Action Marching Band

This Bay Area institution has been crashing parties, invading bars, and blowing minds with its signature “high school marching band on acid,” punk-meets-Sousa bombastic style for years now. The tuba players, flag team, and percussion section take perverse delight in twisting the staid conventions of their respective forms – Hiya Swanhuyser – SF Weekly 2005

♫ – cellojoe

Joey Chang aka Cello Joe is the world’s only beatboxing, long distance bicycling, looping cellist. He is the wildest beatboxing cellist in the west. By combining cello with his own vocalizations, he has created a unique genre: Classical Hip Hop!

___)'(__)'(__)'(____HEADLINER DJs____)'(__)'(__)'(___

♫ – Special Guest
–> ????

We have a veeery special guest lined up to do a SUNSET SET. Stay tunned for more details!

♫ – Soul Button

Back in the Bay after SMASHING it with Airpusher at Monarch in February, Soul Button’s music is beautiful, honest, genuine and sits neatly in the pocket of deep house with a healthy side of melodic techno. Soaring melodies and thriling drops await!!

♫ – Martin Flex

So you wana make that booty bounce?? Martin Flex is one of the hottest new international names on the booty breaks scene. He’s a producer (HotCakes, Rat Records) who knows how to drop the 808 boom and send the bodies flying around the room! Blasting out of the thriving UK underground scene since 2008, he currently DJs all over the world from Florida to Spain, Russia to London and now is dropping in on OAKALND, CA!

___)'(__)'(__)'(____FEATURED DJs____)'(__)'(__)'(___

We’ve got a STACKED lineup and FIVE STAGES jam packed with our favortie DJs from BRC to the Bay!


♫ – Paul Sawyer – Soultrak (Krafted, UK)
♫ – Usual Suspects (Ibiza)


♫ – Sepehr (Black Catalogue, WERD.)
♫ – DJ Mes (Guesthouse Music)
♫ – DJ ICON ( illeven eleven recordings, Opulent Temple, (Hot Cakes)
♫ – DJ Zach Moore (The Armory Podcast)
♫ – Deckard (Space Cowboys)
♫ – Kimba Rose (Opel Productions)
♫ – Chris Thejunglist (Primitive Science, pollinateSF,
♫ – Redux Saints (Krafted, LA)
♫ – Evertt Wayne (BAAAHS)
♫ – The Doctor (Primitive Science, BAE Krew, BabyDonkeyProductions)


♫ – A-mix
♫ – Cptn Jay
♫ – Edmundo
♫ – Jessica Stanell
♫ – JonathenBarnes
♫ – Mosf3t (ICARUS)

___)'(__)'(__)'(__MUTANT VEHICALS__)'(__)'(__)'(___

✯ – Airpusher Steampunk Ariship
✯ – Apis Inlusio (bEE cHARGE)
✯ – Chester Artcar
✯ – Unaverz

___)'(__)'(__)'(_____MORE INFO______)'(__)'(__)'(___

The Steampunk Masquerade has become Oakland’s premier underground dance music and interactive arts one day festival. All proceeds will be going dircetly to support NIMBY, the artiests featured, or big art projects for Burning Man 2016.


☞ 5pm – 9pm = All ages (under 18 must be accomanied by an adult)
☞ 9pm – 2am = 21+ (no one will be kicked out)
☞ There will be secure parking with shuttles, detials to be announced
☞ More questions:

Still to be announced —

☞ Aerial performes
☞ Interactive art & games
☞ Vendors
☞ Food trucks
☞ Fire performance
☞ Theme camp partners

We got a little crazy last year and we now have a strict, smaller attendance cap. Don’t sleep, this extra special one day festival WILL SELL OUT. Grab your tickets right now!

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