DATE: June 4, 2017
TIME: 12:00 pm
LOCATION: Gibson Ranch Park
VENUE: Summer of Spark Regional Burn
Summer of Spark Regional Burn: TTITG 2017 June 4, 2017

Sacramento Valley Spark presents: Summer of Spark (That Thing in The Grass)

Important details so far:

– Official Burning Man event
– Family Friendly
– Art Art Art!
– Music
– Burn
– Theme Camps
– Early Arrival for Volunteers and Theme Camps 6/2

SOME of the Theme Camps:

F.A.R.T Kamp
Ring of Rugratz!!!!
Neon Chill Dome
Rogues of the Golden Coast
Betty’s Booty Boutique
Merry Marmot Social Club
Camp Ion
Kneaded Kindred
The 7 Sins Lounge

SOME of the DJs:

Special Guests from Opulent Temple w/O-pod


Gamma (
Freddy Silva (

Tek Freaks
Dj Lurid
B Funky
N8tron (Https://
Dj shaggy
Prime (
Digitize (
Kittie lynne (
House Junkie
Jace Zayden
Stylus (
Dj A’N’D
Dark Cherub
Amber Leigh
Dr. Pockets
Dj Duke
Hugo Bacon
Limbs Akimbo
Clover Beats

SOME of the Art:
Geo TrypTych
Odo the Dragon Fly
Ultra Dance Lounge
The Davinci Bike
Ritual Rabbit Artcar
Tesla Coil

annnd so much more!!!!!! ♥

This will be the place to meet fellow burners and non-burners alike. You will get to experience a taste of what its like in the “dust” without all of the dust! )'(

Applications for Participation:
Artist Application:

Volunteer Application:

Theme Camp Application:

Performers, Flowarts, Fire Spinners, DJs, Music, Etc.


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